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Congratulations to Waverly Elementary School as you celebrate your Blue Ribbon Award. April 28, 2016!

Superintendent / District Goals: 2015-2016

May 13, 2014: Please select this link for the Preliminary Budget 5.7.14.

November 12, 2013:  Select this link to view the final report on the odor issue at Clarks Summit Elementary School.  All areas have been reopened.

October 30, 2013:   The results of the second air test at Clarks Summit Elementary School were received this morning.  The results confirm that levels of mold are lower inside of the building than in the air outside. Work is ongoing at the Clarks Summit Elementary School to address the odor issue.  Select this link to view the actual report.

October 25, 2013:  Click this link to access the air quality test report.

Abington Heights SD received the results of air tests at Clarks Summit Elementary School yesterday evening. The results indicate that the levels of mold in the areas experiencing an odor are less than in the fresh air outside the building. For the sake of caution, a second air test has been completed. The results are expected back in the near future. The district will consult with contractors to develop a plan to address the odor once the second report is received. All information including the remediation plan will be posted for public review.

October 23, 2013:  This link refers to the letter being sent home today with all Clarks Summit Elementary students regarding an odor in the computer room/library area of Clarks Summit Elementary School. Check back to this section of the website for updates.

Board Presentation August 7, 2013:

All 11th grade students will be required to take an on-line financial literacy course beginning in the 2013-2014 school year. The linked presentation was presented to the Board of Education describing the course and related topics.  August 7, 2013:  Financial Literacy, MOOCS & Badges

Abington Heights will provide information including emergency alerts and cancellations through Twitter.

An excellent discussion of class size took place with the board and community at the regular board meeting on June 26, 2013. There are many articles and papers available offering differing views on the connection between class size and student achievement. This link provides an article that offers a balanced analysis of this important topic.

March 11, 2013:  The Abington Heights School District is investigating concerns raised about the Abington Heights High School pool facility.   Posted below are the following documents:

1.  Air Quality Test Results

2.  Water Test Results

3.  Coliform Test Results

4.  Pool Maintenance Invoices

March 6, 2013:  The Abington Heights School Board is considering approving a sewer easement at South Abington Elementary School.  Select this link to access Ceco Associates' independent investigation of the plans.

Abington Heights School District

Value-Added Assessment Information

November 14, 2012

The Abington Heights School District is currently working to understand and improve its value-added test scores, particularly in 11th grade reading and mathematics. Resources on value-added assessment are located below:

A tutorial on value-added assessment (animated oak tree example) can be accessed at:

The Pennsylvania Department of Education’s resource page can be accessed at:

Abington Heights School District results can be accessed at:

Unfair Labor Practice Summary

The Abington Heights School District did not replace a retiring Latin teacher as a result of low course enrollment and limited financial resources.   Students who completed Latin I were offered the opportunity to take Latin II in an on-line format.   Seven students enrolled in Latin II.   The teachers’ union filed a complaint stating that ing students to take Latin II on-line was an illegal diversion of bargaining unit work.   Abington Heights contended offering the course was legal since:

  1. No teacher’s employment was affected.
  2. The course was only for one year and limited to students who had taken Latin I.
  3. Students in the course were required to take a full load of other courses.

Hearing examiner Jack Marino sided with the teachers’ union position.   His ruling can be accessed below:

Ruling Case No. PERA-C-11-435-E

Affidavit of Compliance Case No. PERA-C-11-435-E

Ruling Case No. PERA-C-10-393-E

Affidavit of Compliance Case No. PERA-C10-393-E



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