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Elementary Student Handbook 

     South Abington Elementary School, located at 640 Northern Boulevard, Chinchilla, PA, 18410, opened its doors to students on January 3, 2000, after a construction modernization project that included impressive addition and renovation work. Over 600 visitors attended the open house and dedication ceremony hosted at the school on January 16. The South Abington Elementary School can be found on Routes ll in Chinchilla between the Interstate 8l/PA Turnpike Interchange and Layton Road. Parking is available to the left of the building as you enter on the west side of the building.

     Developmentally appropriate activities are at the heart of our elementary program. A balanced language arts curriculum focuses on reading, writing, listening, speaking, accurate spelling and phonics. Integral to this program is the use of quality literature and daily opportunities for writing.

     Mathematics provides for the development of basic computational skills, application and problem solving; hands-on science instruction sets the tone for inquiry and discovery; and social studies introduces concepts of neighborhood, community, region, state and country.

     The elementary curriculum is further augmented through programs in art, music, which offers a 4th grade violin program, physical education and library research opportunities. Our school is equipped with a technology laboratory which grants students opportunities to integrate technology with the expectations of curriculum.

South Abington Elementary School

640 Northern Blvd.

Chinchilla, PA 18410

Phone: 570.585.2100

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